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Potty training tips for girls- why it’s hard?

Potty training girls to use the toilet is hard because it’s a transition period from what she has used to do to a new habit that will be very much effort for her. Mothers are always the first teacher for any kid. It’s always been expected that moms should be training their children on how to do so many things, and which includes how to potty train girls.

How to potty train a girl?

When training your girl tell her that she’s a young lady now and ask her whether she wants to be like you or not.
You should allow her to imitate you. Allow her to see how you sit on the toilet and she’ll also try to do it like you.

You should also make the process fun to help your girl learn to use the toilet. Allow her to decorate her potty equipments and she’ll enjoy using it later.

Praise your girl when she uses the potty correctly as kids love to get praised and appreciated. Even if she is not doing it properly then also encourage her.

How to potty train girls who are afraid of the toilet?

Accompany your girl so that she doesn’t feel that she’s alone. You can also bring her potty inside the toilet so that she understands the training that you’re giving to her in a better way. Whenever you’re planning to teach her the use of toilet, you may use a piece of wood or any support where she can rest her feet to balance herself. Now slowly try to remove your presence from inside by waiting for her outside the door while she finishes her job.