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Effective potty training tips for kids:

Potty training a kid is one of the most challenging tasks for a parent to do. If you want to know the basic and effective potty training tips for kids then the tips given below will surely help you:

Tip 1: Introduction of the toilet first before starting the Potty Training.
Tip 2: Try buying a child-size toilet as many children feel insecure when using a tall toilet.
Tip 3: Make use of a puppet to help your child learn quickly.
Tip 4: Have a good reward system, as this will encourage your kid to do the potty training.

Potty training tips for girls if she refuses to do that:

It’s just a normal reaction for kids to refuse things whenever something new is introduced to them. The reason is that they feel this as an odd thing to do especially if they’re not used to it. If this happens, then explain her one that she needs to practice to become a big girl very soon. Little girls usually idolize their mothers the most and they want to imitate everything that their moms do. Tell her that she’s a good girl and that she must learn to go to the potty on her own. Tell her that she’ll be teased if she still uses a diaper as no one of her age uses that. Buy her colorful potty so that she enjoys using it. Using an attractive potty may also motivate and encourage her to sit on it more.

How to potty train girls who are afraid of the toilet?

Accompany your girl is a good advice. This way, she’ll not feel that she’s alone. Take her with you whenever you’re going to the toilet yourself. You can also bring her potty inside the toilet so that she understands the training that you’re giving to her in a better way. Whenever you’re planning to teach her the use of toilet, you may use a piece of wood or any support where she can rest her feet to balance herself. It’s still hard for her to sit and fit herself in an adult toilet. After this try to remove your presence slowly from inside by waiting for her outside the door while she finishes her job.